Battle of Britain Day Hog Roast

Before the onslaught

Fifty people came to the Club on Battle of Britain Day, Friday 15th September, to enjoy a sumptuous hog roast. Unfortunately the cold and damp weather did not allow for sitting outside on the picnic benches so everyone squeezed into the Clubhouse to eat, drink and talk.


The hog was provided by Club member Andrew “Archie” Arnold and cooked to perfection by him and his brother-in-law.

Amanda, Hazel, Caroline and Sheila helped with the rest of the provisions and decorations were provided by Malcolm and Sheila.

After the pork and various salads, several different desserts were presented. It’s not surprising that most were then already too full to make much of a dent in the cheeses! There was a lot of quality food available for just £8 per person.

Thanks to all who came to the event which has given a boost to Club funds.

On 15th September 1940, the Luftwaffe embarked on their largest attacks of the Battle on London and the South-East, forcing the RAF to launch every fighter squadron available in defence leaving no reserves. The decisive British victory meant that Hitler had to re-think his plans, Operation Sealion, to invade England.

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