Elvis was in the building


Seven Little Girls

The Clubhouse was packed for the 2014 Buckworth’s Got Talent show and competition was fiercer than ever.

Helen Foster once again won the children’s category with her rendition of ‘Que sera sera’. Taya (keyboard) and Max Harding (electric bass) were joint second and Tom and Harvey came third playing their own composition.


In the adult category, the Buckers failed to make the podium (by forgetting their lines) but generated most laughter with their version of ‘Always look on the bright side of life’. Piers Harding’s strategy of reading a poem explaining, amongst other things, why the Welsh dragon’s rear end faced east (towards England) was also doomed to earn very few points from the anglophile crowd.

Third place was awarded to the Seven Little Girls sitting in the backseat, hugging and kissing with Fred, with Peter Scarlett as the luckless driver. The Buckworth Belles (Hazel Cooper and Connie Davison) surprised everyone, including themselves, by grabbing second place. Mark Seabrook’s transformation from Fred to Elvis won over the judges (particularly Amelia) and the crowd.

If you have any good photos of any of the acts then please send them to the club secretary.

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