Buckworth’s Got Talent 2013

swingthingsA large crowd of around fifty people were in the Clubhouse for the 2013 Buckworth’s Got Talent, witnessing five junior acts and five senior acts battle for the golden “Buckies”. The evening was organised by Connie Davison and the judges were Terry Cheney, Amelia Broe and Richard Farrar.

In the junior section, Helen came first with her unaccompanied rendition of “The London I Love”. Jessica and Taya, appearing as The Adeles, took second place and Taya’s piano playing earned her third place.

In the adult section, The Swing Things (Piers, Jay and Max Harding) were awarded first place although it was leaked that the public vote had gone to the eventual runners-up The Buckworth Buckers for their rendition of the Monty Python “Lumberjack Song”. The Buckworth Belles, aka The St Agnes Ensemble, took third place playing “The Can-Can”.

A DVD of the evening’s highlights, including all ten acts, is available for £2 from the Club bar or from The Rowans.

1 comment for “Buckworth’s Got Talent 2013

  1. Peter Waterhouse
    February 1, 2013 at 6:44 pm

    We was robbed!!!

    The buckers!

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